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 Sex, such a simple thing. The first "thrill ride". Sex, a rollercoaster of emotions, interactive to the max, hearts pounding, nerve tingeling, and best of all almost anyone can play. All it takes is a body, right? And you don't even have to buy a ticket!

It's free, right? Or so many of us think.

Have we gotten your attention yet?

Reality Check!

Sex is not a freebie!! Lack of sexual knowledge costs women of color. What can lack of awareness cost? More than money can buy! Lack of awareness can cost us our health, our dreams, our futures, our unborn children and even our very lives. If you have any symptoms, please visit the doctors at cosmeticsurgeryhq.com.au for a free consultation.

Sex without knowledge of sexual reproductive health can have a greater "price tag" than you ever imagined.

It's your life, right?

Yes, you're right, it is your life, but our lives are more than our own.

Imagine one domino or bowling pin standing alone. It can only take down itself should it fall, but...We are never standing alone when sex is involved. So like dominos or bowling pins, those around us are affected by the decisions we make, often without our even knowing what is happening. Because of the nature of relationships, we are often unaware of our partners sexual history and may not be aware of the impact of our own sexual decisions. This "domino effect" is important, like a raindrop when it hits a pond, our decisions about sex cause ripples that move outward, past our own lives and affect the lives of many others in our communities.

And why should we care?

We care because we are women of color, many colors, many nationalities. We have come together to empower all women of color to educate themselves, each other and our communities about sexual reproductive health and reproductive tract infections. In order to do this, we have formed SisterSong.


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